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I feel like this needs its own post because I have so many feelings. I just watched it via Youtube because, you might not know this about me, but I love musicals and I’ve loved Legally Blonde since I was in middle school. I knew that they had made a musical but I waited until tonight to go and search for it. But I did get there, you know, eventually. So let’s talk about the pros and cons. Warning: potential spoilers.

♥ The music was awesome. If there isn’t good music then a musical wouldn’t be worthwhile and there would be no pros. End of.
♥ Enid got a bigger role and some awesome comic relief. Furthermore, she might have provided comic relief but she wasn’t treated like a joke.
♥ I loved the Elle told Vivian that girls needed to stick together and that Vivian echoed that sentiment at the end.
♥ Emmett gets more character development and backstory. This is one really strong improvement over the film since in the movie he’s a bit of a boring nice guy.
♥ The scene from Brooke’s workout video was especially catchy and fun.
♥ The women of Delta Nu were the classic Greek chorus. How clever.
♥ SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS: Elle pops the question to Emmett. I’ve always wanted to see the woman pop the question instead of the other way around.
♥ Maybe some of the scenes weren’t as powerful but it definitely kept the spirit of the film alive.

♥ I didn’t like the fact that Emmett was the one who motivated Elle to take law school seriously. This was one of the best scenes in the movie. I liked Elle working to reach her potential on her own.
♥ Chutney’s confession scene was nowhere near as awesome and dramatic. And the weird switchover into the bathroom setting was…um, weird. And unneeded. I also kind of felt this way about Elle’s personal essay scene…it was just…a little too out there.
♥ I HATED what they did to the scene with Warner and Elle near the end where she turned him down politely after he acted like a total asshole to her. Her line was much better in the film: “If I’m going to be a partner in a law firm by the time I’m thirty, I need a boyfriend who’s not such a complete bonehead.”
♥ Why’d they have to go and cut out Professor Stromwell? She was one of my favorites.

So all in all I didn’t think it was quite as good as the movie but it’s great in its own respect and the music was awesome. I’m going to buy the soundtrack. There wasn’t a song I didn’t like.

If you want to watch, and you should, start here:

Shouldn’t I be working on my NaNo novel?
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I went to the Born This Way release party at my local Starbucks. There wasn't actually much of a party until 11:30 when my friend Darren showed up with his entire entourage of co-workers and promptly went to ask the barista if he would sell him an early copy for fifty dollars. Darren is a hardcore Gaga fan; his goal is to one day be one of her dancers.

Anyway, until Darren arrived my BFF (pronounced Biff) and I sat there for about three hours talking to anyone who passed through, which happened to be half the town's gay population. Our Starbucks is one hard dance track away from being a gay club. If I ever feel like I need company and I don't feel like calling anyone I can drive up to Starbucks on any given night and find a friend.

Once Darren was denied an early copy the barista was nice enough to let him hold one and Darren promptly screamed and accidentally fumbled it onto the floor.

And once midnight finally did arrive he, Biff, and I were the first ones in line. And once we had finished paying, Darren proceeded out to his truck where he put the CD in, blasted it so it could be heard across the parking lot, and then got into the truck's carriage and danced his ass off to Government Hooker. When he was halfway through Judas even the barista, a nice older man who was somewhere between perplexed and amused with Darren's hysterics while we were paying, came out to film him. He got applause from the entire cafe.

So yes. I now own a copy of Lady Gaga's newest album. I didn't use the official cover art on my computer though. This is what I used:


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