May. 22nd, 2011

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I went to the Born This Way release party at my local Starbucks. There wasn't actually much of a party until 11:30 when my friend Darren showed up with his entire entourage of co-workers and promptly went to ask the barista if he would sell him an early copy for fifty dollars. Darren is a hardcore Gaga fan; his goal is to one day be one of her dancers.

Anyway, until Darren arrived my BFF (pronounced Biff) and I sat there for about three hours talking to anyone who passed through, which happened to be half the town's gay population. Our Starbucks is one hard dance track away from being a gay club. If I ever feel like I need company and I don't feel like calling anyone I can drive up to Starbucks on any given night and find a friend.

Once Darren was denied an early copy the barista was nice enough to let him hold one and Darren promptly screamed and accidentally fumbled it onto the floor.

And once midnight finally did arrive he, Biff, and I were the first ones in line. And once we had finished paying, Darren proceeded out to his truck where he put the CD in, blasted it so it could be heard across the parking lot, and then got into the truck's carriage and danced his ass off to Government Hooker. When he was halfway through Judas even the barista, a nice older man who was somewhere between perplexed and amused with Darren's hysterics while we were paying, came out to film him. He got applause from the entire cafe.

So yes. I now own a copy of Lady Gaga's newest album. I didn't use the official cover art on my computer though. This is what I used:


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