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I’ve been off of LJ all weekend since I’ve been hanging at Biff’s house. His parents went to go visit him upstate and I’m they’re go-to girl for house/dog-sitting since I more or less live there anyway. I spent the weekend watching the Food Network and theoretically writing since I’m under the delusion that I can multitask.

I’m where I’m supposed to be at the moment with my word count BUT my Thanksgiving week looks something like this:

Monday: Bake red velvet cupcakes for mom to take to work on Tuesday. Bake hazelnut cupcakes for Biff. Spend all night with Biff when he comes home.

Tuesday: Chilling with Biff. Go wherever. Drag him [food] shopping.

Wednesday: Bake sweet potato pie. Do whatever after that. I’ll probably get the most writing done on this day assuming I stay home.

Thursday: Thanksgiving. Go out to eat with family. Go over to Biff’s house to eat with him and his family. Probably end up hanging out there all night.

Friday: Black Friday shopping; tempt death. Take out Christmas tree and start decorating (!!) Make peppermint cupcakes for mom.

I know there’s a way to fit writing into this week.

It can be done.

Also, I’m very impressed with myself for keeping up with my word count considering this is the WORST NOVEL I HAVE EVER WRITTEN, BAR NONE.

I’m gonna finish it though. Somehow.
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