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Saw this over at [ profile] book_memes and decided to fill it out and post it here before I have to rush out.

1) What was the first Stephen King book you ever read?
Carrie. I was twelve and I didn’t actually know much about Stephen King beyond the fact that he wrote horror and that my parents had a hardcover copy of Gerald’s Game that they told me I wasn’t allowed to read. I just picked up his shortest work to test whether I liked his style or not. Lo and behold.

2) Does he actually scare you? Or just entertain you?
Not gonna lie, a few of his stories and scenes have gotten under my skin. I don’t easily get outright frozen-under-the-covers, batten-down-the-hatches scared but a few of his works have left me going WHAT IF. WHAT. IF.

3) Scariest King scene (from a book)
When I was eleven and just starting middle school we had to go through this process called “Wheel” where we spent a week experiencing each elective course before making our choices for the second semester. I got to chorus a week around Halloween and the chorus instructor was a really awesome guy who, instead of teaching us about the class or singing or any of that, played us the “Halloween” theme on the piano and then told us scary stories. One was called “The Boogeyman” and it TERRIFIED me. That story stuck with me for five years before I learned that it was, in fact, a Stephen King story from the collection Night Shift.

So yes, that’s my answer right there. The Stephen King story that frightened me before I was even reading Stephen King.

4) Scariest King scene (from a film)
The scene from It where Pennywise lures Georgie over to kill him. That was in the movie, right? It’s been a while. Either way, it was creepy as hell in the book, too.

5) Would you rather face Pennywise or Randy Flagg?
I haven’t read any of the books featuring Randall Flagg but I sure as hell don’t want to go up against Pennywise. Is the devil I know better? whatdoido whatdoido

6) Are you a Dark Tower fan?
I haven’t read them yet.

7) Favourite Stephen King novel?
Again, Carrie. I’ve reread it like ten times since I was twelve.

8) Favourite Stephen King short story?
Again, “The Boogeyman”.

9) Favourite Stephen King short story collection?
I don’t know if it counts as a short story collection since they were all technically novellas but Four Past Midnight. Between that, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, and a general fear of falling miles out of the sky, fuck you if you think you’re ever getting me on a plane.

10) Favourite SK quote?
“I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries.” It’s from On Writing and I giggled a lot after reading it for the first time.

11) Your five favourite/most memorable King characters…
1. Carrie White.
2. Pennywise.
3. Jack Torrance.
4. Annie Wilkes.
5. The entire town of Salem’s Lot.

12) Would you rather live in Castle Rock or Derry?
Derry. Just cuz.

13) Favourite King film adaptation?
I don’t want to say Carrie again (even though the original adaptation with Sissy Spacek was fantastic) so I’ll go with The Shining.

14) Worst King film adaptation?
They’re not really adaptations but any of the TV sequels. Especially Carrie 2: The Rage.

15) Least favourite book?
Dreamcatcher. I couldn’t finish it.

16) Stephen King has a habit or bringing up previous works in his novels. What random other-book character would it most tickle you to see in Dr. Sleep (other than surviving characters from The Shining)?
Any of the characters from It. Which might not be that far-fetched since one of the characters from The Shining was in It.

17) Are you looking forward to 11/22/63 or Dr. Sleep more?
Dr. Sleep. I’m sure both will be great but really now—a sequel to The Shining.

18) M O O N … that spells… ?
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